What is the CREST Parent Group?

CREST Parent Group (CPG) is a non-profit group under the umbrella of the Paradise Valley High School Parent Teacher Organization. We are dedicated to supporting CREST (Center for Research in Engineering, Science and Technology) students, faculty, administrators and parents and to enriching CREST students' high school education experience.

In the past, CPG:

  • supported CREST students in their travel to state and national competitions as part of HOSA and SkillsUSA
  • communicated with CREST parents on upcoming events and fundraisers
  • funded CREST teacher requests for professional development, equipment/facility needs and club supplies
  • recognized our CREST teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week
  • hosted a banquet and cord ceremony for the graduating seniors
  • provided hospitality for CREST after school events

CREST Parent Group Board 2019 - 2020

Executive Board

President - Mike Markovsky
Vice President - Stacy Mendez
Secretary - Susan Finks
Treasurer - Valerie Volanti
Director of Communications - Cindy Interdonato

Faculty Advisor, Committee Chairs & Volunteers

Faculty Advisor - STEM/CREST Coordinator - Phil Howardell

Hospitality - Kay Waxler & Amy Santoni
Fundraising - Carla Gibson
Senior Banquet Chair - Allison Reynolds (main)  / Jan Bailey (assist)
Social media - Jan Bailey
Carpool Chair- Amy Frink
T-Shirts/Merchandise - Carrie Toppenberg

Track Representatives

Computer Science Track Rep - Todd Hammer & Chavonne Yee
Bio Science Track Rep - Amy Frink & Desira Amiday
Engineering Track Rep - Sarah Banks